My Process

My Process

What you can expect from me

Chat With Me


When I meet new potential clients, the first thing I want to discuss is your travel preferences and goals of your trip. We will start with a 30 minute phone consultation to discuss your trip, what you want to avoid, and what your budget will be. It's here that I let you know what you can expect from me as your travel advisor, and give you a timeline for planning your trip.  

Your Future Itinerary


This is where I roll up my sleeves and get to work, finding exactly what you want! I’ll plan, you’ll relax and we’ll touch base when its time for me to present you with your options. I will give you up to 3 fully customizable itineraries to choose from. This is where we get everything just right!  

Time To Book It!


You have decided on an itinerary and its time to get you booked! All you need to do is complete the tasks assigned to you in the Online Client Portal and you will be set to go! Leading up to your trip, I will check in with you to make sure your passports are up to date and provide you with a packing list. Time to get excited!

Pack Your Bags!


Your bags are packed and it’s GO TIME! I’m available to you at anytime during your travels and will have contacted all of the suppliers on your trip to make sure that they’re ready to greet you with open arms. Enjoy your trip and I’ll be waiting to hear all about your trip when you return.

What did you think?

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Once returned, you will receive a brief survey to provide your honest feedback. I need your feedback to improve your next trip and to guide the client who saw your Instagram posts and wants to eat at the same cute cafe. I’ll also ask you to share your honest review on Google and tag your travel photos with @thevacationbabe on Instagram and Facebook. As always, my goal is to exceed expectations and to make all my clients repeat clients. 

Let's Do It Again!


As soon as your back, we can start chatting about your next trip! It’s never too early to begin destination planning, and, in the meantime, we can organize weekend getaways to fulfill your wanderlust until the next big adventure. Just remember, I am always here for you whatever your needs are!